“I want 5 kids!” Heavily-pregnant Vera Sidika announces.

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Popular Kenyan socialite cum entrepreneur Vera Sidika has announced plans to conceive a second pregnancy sooner than she expected after enjoying her first pregnancy journey. Taking to her social media page, Vera who is currently heavily pregnant with her first child, revealed she intends to add to the tally as soon as she welcomes her daughter in November. According to her, she had initially planned on having three kids but she is having so much fun with her pregnancy that she is hopeful to increase the number to five.

Vera Sidika says she’s enjoying her first pregnancy. PHOTO| Courtesy

I will really miss my bump. Looks like I will be making another sooner than I had planned,” gushed Vera on Instagram.

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She added,

I have been enjoying pregnancy so much. For years it was something I never thought could be enjoyable and fun. Ata instead of the 3 I hope for I think I want five kids now.”

Vera Sidika and husband Brown Mauzo. PHOTO| Courtesy

The socialite, who just recently debunked deadbeat dad allegations leveled against her husband, Brown Mauzo, by his ex-girlfriend and baby mama, also shared her opinion on bitter exes after Nigerian-American singer cum actor Rotimi’s ex-girlfriend, Kim Oprah, also warned his fiancée Vanessa Mdee not to get too comfortable with him as she was once in the same position.

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Rotimi’s ex Kim Oprah warns his fiancée Vanessa Mdee on “getting too comfortable” in the relationship after pregnancy announcement. PHOTO| Courtesy

In her opinion, it is absurd how the exes are only showing up when their partners have happily moved on with other people.

Vera Sidika and Brown Mauzo. PHOTO| Courtesy

I thought I was alone. But wait, they have been dating for years, and the ex just shows up after the pregnancy announcement. What’s with the pregnancy that makes exes come out, yet they had a whole year or years to start drama,” she shared.

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