“I was not going to force him to be in her life!” Miss Morgan on deadbeat baby daddy.

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Ex-Tahidi High actress Miss Morgan has opened up on her single-parenting journey revealing that her daughter Imani is her biggest inspiration. Speaking during a recent interview with Massawe Japani the actress who recently opened up on her battle with alcoholism and depression reiterated that her daughter was the main reason she decided to work on herself and even quit alcohol.

Miss Morgan

She is the most amazing daughter in the whole world. She is Imani and she is my inspiration. Actually ndio nijue I have a reality check it’s my daughter who made Mr decide so since I see myself in her. I know I cannot afford to shame this girl coz it’s not fair. I have an amazing family and my mum is very supportive. This has always picked me up,” Miss Morgan whose birth name is Angel Waruinge explained.

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She continued,

My lowest moment was knowing that I am a single mother na sina bwana physical. Itakua aje nikiwa so selfish niache huyu mtoto peke yake. That is not the kind of setup I was brought up in.”

Miss Morgan

Miss Morgan went on to reveal that her daughter’s father has been absent in her life, however, she noted that she avoids speaking ill of him since he is still her father’s child.

Achana na baby daddy. Sitamwongelea vibaya but he is not there and he is not in the picture. He said he was not going to take care of a child that is not in his house but I avoid talking ill about him since his blood runs in the blood of my daughter,” Miss Morgan told Massawe Japani.

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Miss Morgan

She added,

I tried to follow the law but it got to a point where I gave up and said I was not going to force him to be in his daughter’s life. I went to court and he asked for DNA. Can you imagine, ikakuja 99.9 percent him? It’s okay but acha imkule. I have a brother, a dad and so a man figure doesn’t have to be a dad. Those are enough people who can stand with my daughter and I can struggle with my daughter. Nitamfikisha mahali atafika. She is the biggest inspiration after my mum.”

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