“If You Are Threatened By Me, It’s Because You Have Failed,” Betty Bayo Warns Men!

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The ex wife to the controversial televangelist pastor Victor Kanyari is not shy when it comes to addressing certain issues even those that seem very sensitive to talk about. Probably owing to the embarrassment her husband had to put her through before she called it quits?

She recently took to her Facebook account to narrate on a misunderstanding she had walked into at a carwash with another couple. Expressing distaste with a man who prevented his wife from speaking to the artist claiming that the reason behind this was merely because she was a single mother.

“Yesterday I met this couple at the carwash and the hubby was protecting the wife from talking to me, is it true that I am a threat to marriages,”she said. Going further to add that the husband didn’t want Betty to be a bad influence on his wife and suggesting that that might have been the cause of misunderstanding.

“I know no married man would want their wife to be my friend especially when the man has failed to be a real man, to all men if you’re threatened by me it’s because you have failed. Stop blaming me, No happy woman would leave a happy marriage coz Betty Bayo said this or that, deal with your own insecurity,” she subtly aimed for a lowblow.

She also made it clear that it was never her fault she got divorced and urged the man in question to work on himself rather than projecting his issues on other people. Also concluded that only a failing union could collapse because of her and no strong marriage could fall apart just because she was friends with the wife.

“Am only a threat to abusive bloodsucking God forsaken unions and am too loud to be silenced and am not afraid of insult am immune,” she added.

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