“I’ll give her KES 1M if she can prove it!” Karen Nyamu on being accused of using pseudo accounts to taunt Samidoh’s wife.

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We are definitely yet to see the end of Samidoh and Karen Nyamu drama especially now that Samidoh’s wife Edith Nderitu has come out to publicly accuse Karen Nyamu of creating pseudo accounts on social media in a bid to taunt her about her affair with Samidoh.

Samidoh with his wife and children

Edith who is popularly known as Edday, must have had a nightmare of a weekend from the revelation that her husband sired a son with the city politician to her luckily escaping death after the car she and her friends were traveling in crashed into a lorry. As seen in her social media post, Edday suggested that a woman was responsible for her bad luck but by God’s grace they were able to come out of the accident alive.

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Edday Nderitu involved in a road accident

Well, her remarks caught the attention of one of her followers who reprimanded her for trying to stir problems with Karen Nyamu instead of her husband who is as guilty as Karen Nyamu. Responding to the fan, Edday insinuated that that was just one of the many pseudo accounts that the city politician was hiding under constantly stalking and harassing her on her social media pages.

Blame your man. Insulting Karen won’t make Samidoh drop her and in fact you should thank him for taking a better woman than you. That’s an upgrade manze,” reads a comment.

Responding to the fan Edday wrote, “aki na si uko na pseudos mingi za kunifuata, leo bado hujafika inbox b***h, thank God am still alive…. sasa kuja inbox unitumie videos na photos kama vile umezoea.”

Karen Nyamu with Samidoh

In a quick rejoinder, Karen Nyamu taking to her Instagram stories has offered Edday KES 1M to prove her claim that she has been tormenting her using pseudo accounts. According to Karen, she is innocent of the allegations leveled against her by the wife of her baby daddy.

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Karen Nyamu

I hear there are pictures and videos I have been sending using pseudos. wow. Tell her I’ll give her Kshs 1,000,000/- cash if she can pls post the screenshots. If she doesn’t want to post let her send them to someone who can post them. I don’t have the time my dear woiye please stop the lies,” Karen posted.

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