In Case You Missed It: Weekly Wrap Up!

As the week comes to an end, here are some of the stories that made headlines within the week!

1. Hamisa Mobetto Confesses To Having Had 3 Miscarriages For Diamond.

Hamisa Mobetto broke the internet earlier in the week during her media tour for her just-released jam Ginger Me at Wasafi TV. In the interview, she opened up on a lot of issues especially controversies that she has had to deal with since her fame as Salome‘s video vixen where she was at some point romantically involved with Diamond Platnumz and their relationship resulted in the birth of her son Dylan who has since received so much criticism from the public and Diamond’s family.

However, opening up to the Diamond owned media house, Hamisa shockingly revealed that she had had about three miscarriages with the singer before finally giving birth to Dylan. She’d also go on to reveal that contrary to what people thought regarding Dylan’s paternity, Diamond was never at any point unsure if he had fathered him.

Kabla sijamzaa Dylan nliwahi kupata ujauzito, three pregnancies ambapo nilipata ujauzito was kwanza ulitoka, tulisafiri sijui tunaenda nchi gain mimba ikatoka bahati mbaya. Nikaja nikapata ya pili, ikatoka, ya tatu ikatoka. Ni period ambayo tulikuwa pamoja. Dylan alikuwa mimba ya nne so tulikuwa wote na ujauzito tulikuwa pamoja mppaka siku ambayo mimi naenda kujifungua. Kwa hiyo I feel like kama kuna binadamu alikuwa na uhakika kwamba ule motto ni wa kwake basi yeye ni number moja, “ she said.

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2. Mama Dangote Hits Back At Hamisa Insisting Dylan Isn’t Her Relative!

Well, after Hamisa publicly admitted to having done DNA on Dylan just to certain whether Diamond was indeed his father, Mama Dangote took to her Instagram to counter the claims. Diamond’s mother for a long time has never been shy to publicly show her hate for the model and singer. With her even directing her hate towards her grandson whom she has discredited on several accounts as she treats him differently from the rest of Diamond’s children something that saddens Hamisa.

Despite Hamisa admitting to having made efforts to warm her heart, Mama Dangote savagely responded to her with a cryptic message on her stories. “Ukoo wetu unatutosha jamani! Mtu analazimisha ukoo vipi??? Ebu nisaidieni kisheria ukoo unalazimishwa? ” she wrote.Read.

3. DJ Evolve Withdraws Murder Case Against Babu Owino. 

Probably one of the headlines that broke the hearts of many, as the majority of the netizens expected justice to be served for the B-club disk jockey (DJ) Evolve who was shot by the Embakasi East MP, Babu Owino in an unclear altercation.

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DJ Evolve whose real names are Felix Orinda is still recovering from the shot to his neck and through his lawyer revealed that his decision was influenced by the fact that his healing process was being affected due to the divided attention the case was receiving and time too.

However, the DPP said the courts of law will need ample time to assess the DJ’s mental status before the case can be withdrawn.Read.

4. Gospel Singer Kambua Announces Second Pregnancy. 

After the gospel singer in the past revealed her struggles trying to conceive, God did it again for Kambua. Kambua wowed netizens by sharing the news of her second pregnancy revealing her growing baby bump. Celebrities were not left behind as they shared congratulatory messages and well wishes with her pregnancy journey.

“God of Sarah… God of Hannah… God of Kambua! Just when I thought you had done too much…! You did it again,” read her Instagram post.Read.

5. Diamond Platnumz Reveals New Bae.

The Tanzanian multi-award winning artist took the internet by a storm when he ‘introduced’ his new bae on his Instagram. The lady who perfectly fits in the artist’s taste of women- owing to his previous relationship-is said to be P- Funks Majani’s daughter who is half-Tanzanian and half-Dutch.

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Patricia, the lady in question raised eyebrows following the Baba Lao artist posting a sexy picture of her on a now-deleted post. Claims have it that the artist took down the photo after Patricia’s father threatened him to leave his daughter alone.

As of the time of writing, none of the parties involved have affirmed their relationship.Read.

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