“Inaaffect Watoto!” Jalang’o Tells Frankie And Maureen Waititu Over Recent Parenting Feud!

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After the weekend that was, Jalang’o has weighed on the trending topic concerning Frankie Kiarie and baby mama Maureen Waititu, who have had us all entertained with their back and forth attacks on each other over parenting dispute.

Jalang’o during the morning show on Kiss FM advised Frankie to man up and stop the drama as their case has now turned ugly, noting that the children are the most affected in all this.

Let me tell you, this case has gone to a level where it is being too ugly. It is affecting the children. I think Frankie should stop talking as a man in this relationship. Because he moved on it has not gone so well for Maureen. She is seeing another woman taking her space and it is not easy. It should not be how do we move on without drama. As a man like me, do not allow yourself to be thrown under the bus,” he told Kamene regarding the topic.

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He however acknowledged their urge to share every bit of their lives with the public as they were “created” by social media- Alpha and Beta. Further suggesting that Frankie should let his current girlfriend and the ex-girlfriend battle each other as he watches on the sidelines. “You see for them, social media made them so that is where they belong because they were created there. But Frankie, wachana nayo. Let Corazon and Maureen go head to head but not you my brother,” Jalang’o added.

Kamene Goro adding also shared her sentiments, saying “Imagine where Maureen is coming from, a place where she committed to a lifetime union. Then in the 11th- hour things went south, he went and had a child with another girl then she was chased out of the house. To make things worse, Corazon went live to start teteaing Frankie. If my ex pitas here, I will not say hi to him but I will not start shouting at him and take it to social media.”

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