Inside Vera Sidika’s Veetox Herbal Tea

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Veetox herbal tea

Apart from being a socialite, Vera sidika Sidika is an entrepreneur who runs a beauty spa and the Veetox Company.

The socialite has left people tongue-tied with her humongous curves and flat tummy. When asked what her secret is, Sidika surprisingly launched the Veetox herbal tea.

Vera launched her Veetox Tea at the Royal Orchid on May 22nd 2017 and sells her products to customers in Kenya and overseas.

In the quest to remain slim and achieve a flat tummy, detox concoctions and supplements are the in thing! Whether homemade or manufactured.

Better yet, do these detox teas even work? Instagram Influencers and models vouch for such products for a slim yet curvier physique.

Sidika’s flat tummy

These products come in different kinds, packagings, different ingredients, with an assurance to clean up your system and give you the waistline you always wanted!

Veetox herbal Tea

If you are unfamiliar with the product,  it’s a herbal product specifically a premium weight loss tea, for a lean, slim waist like Sidika’s.

According to the package, the herbal tea promotes stomach fat burning, reduce bloating, improves metabolism and cleanse the digestive system.

It works for both men and women!


The Veetox herbal tea (regular & extra) comes in a beautiful package that shows the amount of tea bags in it, preparation and contact information.

Moreover, the beautifully packaged herbal tea comes in two products namely; Regular and Extra.

The notable difference between Regular and Extra is one mild thus you get 28 tea bags for a price of Ksh.3000 while extra is stronger and comes with 14 teabags at the same price.

As written at the back of the package, the tea helps you with;

*Promoting stomach fat burning & weightloss

Reduces bloating

*Improving metabolism

*Cleansing your digestive system

What to expect


According to online reviews, Veetox herbal tea shares a similar taste to green tea. Its taste can also be overwhelming to consumers who dislike anything bitter.

Frequent bathroom visits

Most of the consumers have talked of frequent long call visits to the washroom during the first few days until your body adjusts. After all, the sole purpose of the product is to clean up your colon and your digestive system, so all the waste needs to say goodbye!

Time of use

The veetox company advises users to take it after dinner or when you don’t have too much going on. This prevents unexpected washroom visits at the wrong place and time.

Most reviews suggest the product is worth a try as it helped them shed off a few kgs, gave a lighter feeling and there are no major side effects.

Its recommended to those who desire a snatched waist or weight loss although it takes time and commitment.

To gauge the product better, track your weight and measurements before and after use.


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