“Is it by force?” Socialite Bridget Achieng hits out at her nemesis Black Cinderella.

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Former Nairobi Diaries reality casts, Bridget Achieng and Black Cinderella have for the longest time kept their beef alive. Often than not, the two socialites are fond of exposing each other in a bad light on social media hoping to pull attention to their sides.

Socialite Black Cinderella

This time around, Black Cinderella who is running an Instagram page known as Nairobi Gist exposed Bridget as a con, a murderer, and a thief among other names. According to the mother of one, she procured recording evidence with one of Bridget Achieng’s victims who had been conned off 31,000 Kshs by the self-proclaimed Madam President.

Shocking revelation by a house aid believed to have been conned and denied her money by self-proclaimed Rich Boss Nairobi Socialite Bridget Achieng, best known for a fake lifestyle, the murder of a 17 years old innocent teenager, a pathological liar, a thief, and a con artist. You may want to listen until the end if you are currently being the concoctions she calls bleaching cream and p***y tightener from Ikorudu,” shared Black Cinderella who had nothing but unkind words for her nemesis.

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Socialite Bridget Achieng

In the call recording, the alleged house help claimed that she lend Bridget Achieng a sum of up to 31,000 Kshs when she was going through a financial crisis that could have seen her evicted out of her house last year. However, Bridget has failed to offset her debt forcing the lady to seek other means to catch Bridget’s attention hoping that she will pay her up this time around.

Responding to the claims, Bridget Achieng claimed that Black Cinderella has nothing better to do than seek attention from her. She noted that she is not ready to share her fame with Black Cinderella stating that she does not want her friendship not even by force.

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Bridget Achieng

You learn a lot about people when they do not get what they want from you. Just cause I didn’t wanna be a friend?? Is it by force?? Or to give you fame?” posted Bridget Achieng.

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