Is It Okay To Be Picky With Gifts?

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You don’t have to wait for the holidays and festive seasons for you to gift family, friends and your loved ones.

It’s always good to gift someone just to appreciate them for being there for you, and being the amazing human beings they are.

Don’t be the type of person who’s always receiving and not gifting others. Of course you don’t do it to be gifted back, but it’s always a good gesture when you do.

We mostly gift people close to us so we happen to know their likes, interests and favorites; it’s never that hard to know what they’d like.

However, sometimes we have new friends and new people in our lives that we’d like to appreciate even when we don’t know much about them. We might gift them what they like or hit an oopps!

Sometimes we’re gifted things we don’t like, but we don’t go up on someone’s face and tell them how you don’t like or fancy the present.  Be sure to hang out with the person more to get to know them better.

Personally, I think you’re only allowed to be picky when you’re close and comfortable with someone. No matter how well they know you, they might not know what you need at the moment, so giving them hints isn’t a bad idea at all.

This shouldn’t be done in a rude manner; ‘I want’ isn’t the right word in this case, ‘I’d prefer/ I’d love’ is the best term here.

When inviting guests to your party, wedding or fundraising, don’t go around demanding, the guests know what you’d need at that moment and they’ll gift or contribute according to their capacity.

When gifting someone, kindly make sure the gift is durable, in good shape and of high quality. Some people gift you fake stuff that doesn’t last past a week.

No matter how small a gift is, if it’s of good quality, someone will highly appreciate other than buying something huge of low quality.

Someone has gifted me something fake as hell that I still own, but catch me wearing it LOL!

You can gift someone a second hand product that’s in good shape and unique rather than buying them the Kenyan uniform or some fake stuff.

I had done a video of the same with my brother during the holidays, but I didn’t manage to put it up on my YouTube Channel. He was of this opinion, ‘you’d rather give someone the money so that they can use it in what is essential to them rather than gifting them something they won’t need. Also, if you’re a skilled person, you could offer a service to the person at either discounted price or for free.

He also mentioned that you should analyze someone’s situation before gifting them. The money part somehow makes sense, but again, what if the money is too little?

I mean, you could get someone an affordable present of high quality rather than giving them the money which is too little to budget for.

All I’m tryna say is that, be reasonable when gifting someone and that we should appreciate every thought of someone thinking about gifting us even when we don’t deserve it.

Don’t just gift someone because it’s their birthday/Christmas/Valentines. Gift them because they mean something to you and you value them. You ain’t gon’ buy someone you value a fake watch or hair.

I don’t know about you, but I find it really hard gifting my brothers and male friends. I mean, what do y’all even like?

We’d like to know down on the comments section!

Thank you for stopping  by and don’t forget to gift your loved ones on Valentine’s day 🙂

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