On Monday afternoon city pastor and renown motivational speaker, Robert Burale, took to his Facebook account to announce he had tested positive for COVID 19. Instigating an uproar amongst majority of the Kenyans. Whom have had doubts regarding the reality of the virus in the country.



In an interview with Massawe Japani, a radio personality at Maisha radio he said “ for two days I fought for my life under the great care of the doctors and nurses at Nairobi Hospital. I saw the hand of God for anyone who thinks this thing is a joke, may the Lord have mercy on you. I gathered courage and called upon a few people who have tirelessly prayed for me..and sent encouraging messages.”


Netizens tracked his past to validate their suspicion, which is a now familiar trend since the first recoveries were televised, most of them choosing not to buy into an Instagram live that broadcasted him in ICU on supplementary oxygen casually dressed with a t-shirt and a cap on instead of the regular patient gown. Some alluding to cheap PR stunts by the MOH and even accusing the government of neglecting other patients to take part in this “stunt”. It was later affirmed that he was in an isolation Ward and not ICU as was earlier claimed.



As much as the majority were filled with doubts some believed his story and wished the pastor a quick recovery and  encour he continue to battle the virus. They were also keen to remind doubters on the gravity of the virus as it has been rendered a world pandemic earlier on in the year. Warning them not to wait till they are admitted so that they can confirm its reality.

On Wednesday he took to a blog to share his recovery journey and also urge Kenyans to take his testimony with a lot of seriousness. “This disease is real and those arguing that it cannot be contracted are misplaced..Kenyans should be safe and adhere to protocols guided..I pray for everyone’s safety”, he said. Adding that he’d seen the doctors and nurses work so hard to keep people alive and urging us to keep these frontline warriors in prayers and continuing to encourage them.

This coming in a week where the country’s lockdown was recently lifted leaving Kenyans at the mercies of their immune systems literally. Despite of the rising cases of COVID-19 patients and hospital facilities becoming more and more inadequate for all the patients raises questions as to how much informed Kenyans are on the virus and if they at all believe the virus is within. It seems the severity of the virus has not yet registered amongst majority of the Kenyans by just imposing the wearing the masks at all time or the “refuted” curfew rule will not help in the fight against the virus.

Hope you are all taking care of yourselves and families according to the set precautions. Because the virus is real!