“Is she 12? ” Singer Kambua defends CS Najib Balala over his “Lupita inaccessibility” remarks.

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British supermodel’s appointment as the Magic Kenyan brand ambassador has been received with a lot of criticism with the majority of the netizens questioning why popular Kenyan celebrities did not make the cut for the job.

Well, just recently the Cabinet Secretary in the ministry of tourism came out to defend his appointment of Naomi Campbell as Magic Kenyan brand ambassador claiming that his efforts to reach Kenyan-Mexican actress Lupita Nyong’o proved futile for the past 5 years. According to him, Lupita’s management had made it difficult for the tourism ministry to contact her.

I know everybody is asking why not Lupita Nyong’o. Lupita has commitments and her managers cannot allow us to access her. We’ve spent the last five years looking for Luputa. We can have one of our own, and we already have Eliud Kipchoge. We are targeting specific markets and sectors, so we will identify brand ambassadors because of that… we use Kipchoge to market Kenya because of his vast international networks,” said the CS in a statement.

Following his statement, the actress took to her Twitter account to debunk his claims that she was inaccessible for the last five years.

Me when I hear the Kenyan ministry of Tourism has been looking for me for five years. #Imrighthere #alternativefacts,” Lupita cryptically denied CS’s claims.

With her comment on the subject, KOT rallied with her expressing their doubt over Najib Balala’s statement. With sone doubting if he tried to reach her while others suggested that he could have reached the actress through alternative means such as her dad, Anyang’ Nyong’o, a fellow politician.

However, gospel singer Kambua while weighing in on the subject called out the tweeps for suggesting that Lupita’s dad should have been contacted in order to make things happen. According to her, Lupita is an adult which makes her liable for her own decisions. Furthermore, she claimed that perhaps Lupita was never keen on signing the deal adding that even if she was to get the job, there would still be critics about her appointment.

Perhaps Lupita was not keen on taking the job? Also, saying Balala should have called her dad makes me wonder… is she 12? She’s a grown woman, well able to decide what calls to take. Pia.. if she’d taken this job there’d still have been things to say to discredit her, no,” Kambua tweeted.

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