Is Vera Sidika Sharing A Man With Amber Ray?

For the past few days, rumors have had it that the curvy socialite and entrepreneur, Vera Sidika is seeing the coastal based singer, Brown Mauzo. This is after she posted a sneaky picture of her new man in black and white filters on her Instagram stories. As you may already, our investigative nature as Kenyans led us to Brown Mauzo who prior to Vera Sidika’s post had shared a snippet of a video in which a lady’s laugh could be heard, to put face on the the laugh, netizens noticed the chain on the unidentified man was a match with that of  Brown Mauzo.

However, while appearing on Bonga na Jalas, the socialite did not confirm the rumours but she admitted to being in a relationship. Also adding that her relocation was partly influenced by her new love as she wanted to be close to her man.

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“Many of us set up businesses in Nairobi and neglect the potential in Mombasa and I wanted to tap into that potential plus me being in Mombasa means I get to spend time with bae,” she told Jalang’o.

Asked if she was in a relationship with a Kenyan and why she opted to keep her relationship private she went on to say, ” yes he is Kenyan and he is in Mombasa. You know if something is special, sometimes you just want to keep it to yourself.” This is surprising as the Vera Sidika we know loves to flaunt her love on the socials, but you know it’s 2020…

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When Willy Paul and Bien sang, ‘Mali safi iende chain’… It’s been of public knowledge that Mauzo and socialite Amber Ray have been a couple for quite sometime. To whether this is case of an entanglement we might not know until she deems it fit to have us on the know.