Jalango Responds To Allegations of Ignoring Othuol’s 15K Medical Appeal

Kiss 100 Presenter Jalang’o says he is now used to blatant accusations linked to him whenever there is a scandal.

Following the untimely death of Churchill Comedian Othuol Othuol, the comedian was blasted for refusing to part with Ksh.15,000 which would cater for some of his medical expenses.

According to a screenshot that has been making rounds on social media,the deceased is seen requesting for the said amount of money to undergo a MRI procedure at the Kenyatta National Hospital.

The message is dated back to September 27, 2020 but the receiver of the text responded to his plea on the same day he died.

Meanwhile Sijapona and I will be going back to Kenyatta Hospital for a second MRI l, as the growth imeshikana,ulimi imefura hata I’m not able to either eat or talk.I’m pleading with you for financial assistance to enable me to raise 15,000 for the MRI.I will appreciate ile kidogo utaweza kunitumia,” Read Othuol’s message

The owner of the WhatsApp account responded on the day Othuol died saying ;

Man I’m sorry never saw this.Rest well bro I’m shocked.”The yet to be identified person responded

As soon as the screenshot went viral, a local blog ran a story castigating Jalang’o for ignoring the late comedian.

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The headline of the blog’s story read;How Jalang’o Denied Othuol Ksh.15,000.

The hideous claims pushed the Kiss 100 presenter to his limits as he was forced to address the matter and emphasized such allegations don’t shock him anymore.

So a blogger somewhere woke up and decided that the Othuol screenshot asking for KSh15k is me. You see nowadays am so used to being associated with anything. I woke up and I saw this blog saying ” HOW JALANGO DINIED OTHUOL 15K”

Wow, do you know how you sit somewhere and wonder what you ever did to people, but am used to it now and it doesn’t bother me anymore. They always look for how to bring you down,” Jalang’o wrote.

Jalang’o further explained that he was among the first people who natured Othuol’s talent when he was as amateur in the Entertainment industry.

My life with Othuol would never change. I was the first person to put him on stage; Luo plays, first person to give him his first TV show; Sirkal Ya Bibi, first person to put him on a stand up comedy; Kenya Kona and the first person to give him first TV advert; Safari battery,” he added.

Concluding his statement,the media personality noted that the late Othuol chose to use a green costume as his signature look as a sign of appreciation to Jalang’o.

And to thank me he decided to have a green suit like mine. I’ll tell you that story someday, how he got his green suit. Othuol’s death is soo sad, it hurts to the core, we did what we could. You might not understand for now! RIP OTHUOL.”

Adding that Sandra Dacha was in charge of collecting the money meant to foot his medical bills, Jalang’o revealed that they held more than three fundraisers to raise money for Othuol’s treatment.

In our group Comedy Kenya Sandra And Dacha has been collecting money from the time Othuol was admitted the first time. We have had more than three fundraisers that has been sorting his bills. We have been there to the last minute,” he disclosed

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