JKUAT Student Dies After Over Drinking And Choked By Her Vomit

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The worst news that any parent could receive is that of the sudden passing of their own child and this is in the case of a young campus girl identified as Joy Mbithe.

Emotions are running high at the Jomo Kenyatta University after the first-year student was found dead over the weekend at a friend’s house after a drinking spree.

According to an anonymous person who gave the details to Kenyan blogger Xtiandela, the young girl identified as Joy Mbithe is alleged to have gotten drunk and got choked by her own vomit to death.

The young lady was reportedly drinking with a few friends at a club called Containers and after getting intoxicated, she went on to spend the night at one of her friend’s house in an apartment called Springvale Heights.

What complicates the story is the fact that the girl did not die in her hostel. She passed away in one of her friend’s house at Springvale Heights.

According to netizens, the sad story confirms the norm that most campus students overindulge in fornication and alcoholic sprees since campus students are expected to carry themselves more responsibly. Others argue that parties should be kept aside first because the virus is becoming a very serious issue in the country.

Police officers arrived at the scene and her body was ferried to the mortuary in a police vehicle and away from the alcohol, the girl has been described by one of her friends as being very bright and beautiful inside out.

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