Justina Syokau forced to give details about her health condition

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Justina Syokau [Photo; Instagram]

2020 hit singer Justina Syokau over the weekend held a Hospital bill fundraiser at the Swiss Hotel in Kilimani.

According to the ailing singer, has been finally given in to pressure from netizens; to reveal which hospital she was admitted to and what really happened to her skin and liver.

Before, the fundraiser happened, the singer had promised to reveal vital information surrounding her health in the live Harambee broadcast.

“To be ready to know which hospital I was in be ready to know what happened to my liver and skin, tune in to the live broadcast we are going to have. We are live from Swiss hotel Kilimani.” Justina Syokau

Initially, vigilant Kenyans had been reluctant to send contributions to the singer and others even went far ahead to accuse her of faking an illness as she had failed to disclose what she was suffering from.

“When I went to the hospital, they took part of my skin for tests and said I was suffering from dermatophytes. I looked so bad and I was only left with my house girl and my child as my friends. The medications I got did not assist me.” She narrated.


“I want to another hospital, I was told I have Eczema. We treated it but still, it was not working. I was using a body cream of 1,000 ksh per day. We had no events and I had no income. Things got thick. I could no longer afford medicine. I took aloe Vera, garlic, and turmeric to apply on the body but it was still not working.” Justina in the interview added.

Currently, netizens remain unfazed and reluctant to make contributions as the singer was adamant in sharing crucial information on the hospital she attended and the medical bill receipts for confidentiality reasons.

According to Justina, she was diagnosed with cirrhosis (liver failure ) because the drugs she had been given after the 2 misdiagnoses overwhelmed her liver.

She reportedly was admitted for 2 weeks in the house and had to instruct her house help to sell some of her household items so that she could get money to be discharged.

Rev Lucy Natasha and Justina Syokau. PHOTO| REV LUCY NATASHA| INSTAGRAM

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