Kabi Wajesus responds to “deadbeat dad” allegations

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Kabi and Milly Wajesus

Celebrity couple Kabi and Milly Wajesus have been forced to come clean on deadbeat father allegations leveled against Kabi, who was accused of neglecting his seven-year-old daughter Abby that he sired with an unidentified woman.

In a YouTube video published on Friday, the couple In a video expressed their disgust in the manner the said allegations were thrown at them given their positive public reception by fans.

According to Kabi who was pointed out as the irresponsible one, the child in question is his niece, and the mysterious lady to be his ex-lover is a cousin.

Kabi Wa Jesus and alleged ex-girlfriend

The celebrity couple went ahead to call out people who were spreading and fabricating the story, saying they were out to tarnish his name.

There has been a rumor going around that I have a kid with someone and the baby is called Abby…around date five I got a letter purportedly from a lawyer that I have a lawyer and I need to pay child support amounting to Sh181, 895. Immediately I thought it was a joke, I called my lawyer and explained. Then I shared the latter with him and he checked the lawyer’s name on the LSK list and it doesn’t exist, check the firm it doesn’t nor exist. So he told me it was just some trying to blackmail me. So I ignored and moved on” explained on.

The lady you see in this picture is my cousin and the baby we took this picture with is called Abby and shed is my niece. So everyone was wondering how can someone say you are the father of your Cousin’s child…

He continues;

“Then another photo surfaced on my Cousin, and in the photo, I wrote just got her home on my Instagram page…so this is two children being used just because I posted their photos online and some want to run a story.

Why would someone want to put an innocent child in such light? It’s so unfortunate that we had to drag this child and my family into this just for a name” said Kabi.

The celebrity couple also apologized to their family disturbed by the news and fans for the intense confusion caused by the story.

Kabi Wa Jesus exposed for neglecting 7-year-old daughter

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