Kate Actress narrates days she couldn’t afford nice dresses

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Kate Actress

Award-winning Kenyan actress, Kate Actress alias  Catherine Kamau, on Wednesday, disclosed that things have not always been rosy in her life as the majority of the public assumes her life has always been a walk in the park.

The mother of two, who has been the face of Harpic Brand toilet cleaner for some years, unveiled to netizens that there was a phase in her life when she could barely afford a simply beautiful dress.

Taking to Instagram, the celebrated thespian shared a throwback photo of her younger self rocking a cute orange bandage dress at a boutique.

“I obviously didn’t buy the dress. Reason? I couldn’t afford it,” she wrote in part

At the time, Kate said she was wallowing in brokenness but also visibly slender as compared to how she looks better today.

While giving useful advice to her multitude of fans, the thespian urged her Insta-family to be appreciative of the progress they are making and greatness should be continually be pursued.

“We get so busy chasing greatness that we sometimes forget to notice the progress we have made. I am so grateful today,” she added.

She concluded her words of encouragement by wishing everyone a happy new month.

“Trust the process. Beloved…Happy new month!”

And now, not only has Kate’s life changed for the better as she currently loves to flaunt her expensive dresses from high-end fashion brands.

Kate Actress before and after fame

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