Kenyans applaud Larry Madowo for his interview with Bill Gates

Larry Madowo

BBC journalist Larry Madowo has impressed netizens after he interviewed Microsoft’s founder Bill Gates.

Thousands of Kenyans have lauded the media mogul for the professionalism and impeccable interviewing skills he showcased during the Interview.

Speaking to the billionaire during the interview, Madowo touched on the adverse COVID-19 effects on the economy, coronavirus vaccines and how the pandemic has paralyzed the annual Goalkeeper’s event that is under the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Gates also spoke on why Americans were the most affected with the virus yet the country has got one of the best health systems worldwide.

Taking to Twitter this Wednesday, Madowo authoritatively confirmed that Bill Gates is disappointed and worried about the many COVID-19 vaccine conspiracy and theories on him

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Bill Gates is disappointed and worried about all the coronavirus vaccine conspiracy theories about him. I know because I asked him.Our full conversation:…” He wrote

Hyping up the interview before it started,over the moon Madowo urged his fans not to miss the interview by watching it from the comfort of their homes.

“Catch my interview with Bill Gates all day today across the BBC, on TV and radio, wherever you are in the world.”He wrote to his fans.

After the successful interview,Kenyans on Twitter were quick to note Larry’s credibility as a young journalist and commended him for his superb interviewing skills and eloquence.

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@ItsKiprotich1-Larry Madowo #Ni_Doshi . He is an inspiration to many up coming journalists . His hardwork and resilience has taken him places

@VaneKemunto9– When we are just about to conclude that ethical journalism is completely eroded in Kenya, the universe points us to the likes of Larry Madowo , Dennis Okari , Yvonne Okwara and Victoria Rubadiri .

@Roba_Ukweli– Larry Madowo might surpass the legacy that Jeff Koinange left in Journalism.

@JanethCherotic3-Larry Madowo is just a great inspiration to many. Courage, confidence, hardwork, hope, perseverance and determination combined!!!