Kenyans hilariously respond to Nikita Kering’s age, deny she is only 19

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Nikita Kering Turns 19

Young and talented songbird Nikita Kering is a singer and songwriter best known for her vocal prowess.

The 19-year-old is first shot to fame at a tender age and what makes her stand out among Kenyan female musicians is her unique angelic voice that makes her music worth the replay.

Speaking during a recent interview with Switch TV, the young starlet disclosed that her parents have been supportive throughout her musical journey and this was a driving force to where she is at her career.

As Nikita marked her 19th birthday on Friday 26th February, the lass took to social media to celebrate her special day with her followers but her tender age did not sit well with netizens.

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Due to Nikita’s physical appearance that puts her on the more curvy side of the body size spectrum at only 19, she looks a bit too mature for her age according to netizens.

Given her voluptuous body size, many Kenyans however couldn’t believe that the lass is only 19 with most criticizing her for lying about her age.

On a lighter note, most believed her whilst advising her to shed more weight otherwise she‘ll continue to put on more weight as she gets older.

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Here are some of the reactions online;



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