KTN presenter Jamal Gadaffi tests positive for Covid-19

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Jamal Gadaffi

KTN presenter Jamal Gaddafi has just tested positive for the novel Coronavirus.

Taking it to his social media accounts, the media personality disclosed that he will be self-isolating for the next 14-days to avoid spreading the highly contagious virus.

Despite receiving a positive diagnosis from the disease, the entertainment presenter told netizens that his condition remains unaffected.

 “Well, friends, I have tested positive for COVID-19..after been sick for 3days started taking my medication & I am in good physical condition. I’ll be in quarantine for the next 14days to ensure that I don’t transmit the virus to any1 else in the community & to protect every1 around me.” Part of his statement reads.

Jamal Gadaffi tests positive for covid-19

Jamal went on to remind his followers of the benefits of using a mask and adherence to Covid-19 protocols like regular sanitizing.

 “Wear masks guys and if you POSITIVE it’s not the END OF THE WORLD isolate take medicine kula vizuri lala Poa Jilinde wewe kwanza na linda Maisha ya wenzako you all” Jamal Gaddafi wrote.

Jamal’s revelation has come barely a  few days after his colleague Akisa Wandera mentioned that she had tested positive for the virus.

The 28-year old KTN news anchor shared the sad news on her Twitter account adding that she was nursing back to recovery.

Additionally, Akisa informed her fans that the past two weeks were terrible for her and would not wish for anyone to be in a similar situation.


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