“Let Him Go Back To The Streets!” Singer Akothee Regrets Adopting Shadrack Mwita!

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Singer Akothee has had enough of her kindness being taken for granted by a street kid she adopted a few months ago. According to the mother of 5, she is completely disheartened by the actions of Shadrack Mwita, who has repaid her kindness with evil as he has occasionally tarnished the singer’s name for his selfish gain.

Akothee, adopted Shadrack from the streets and had his leg fixed giving him a chance to walk again. She even went out of her way to provide him with all his needs including trying to set up a business for him, which he was never interested in owing to his laziness. Things began going south between them after a visit they both made to Akothee’s other lame friend according to her.

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She narrated how his attitude immediately changed but she chose to be compassionate with him hoping for a change. However, things took a turn for the worse when she left for her sister-in-law’s burial. Akothee would receive calls from the “family” of Shadrack and Children officers calling her out for apparently abandoning him, claims that she viciously denied. The drama would not stop there as they further went on to question her decision to rent a “chicken-house” for Shadrack, responding to this Akothee said that her idea was to have Shadrack use the supposed chicken-house as his shop as well as his residence.

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Well, Akothee has now had enough of it all and has decided to cut ties with Shadrack stating that she has never borne a son by the name of Shadrack and that henceforth no one should contact her on his behalf.

I have never given birth to a child with the name Shadrack Mwita. I have two boys in France and my 3 girls. They are well behaved and taking care of themselves. Don’t ever call me regarding any Shadrack Mwita I don’t know him. Nor his family let him go back to the streets where I found him. Unfortunately, Tuskys where I found him is closed, let him go to Naivas there are big cars passing there I am done,” she wrote.

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