Louis Otieno’s son Silas Miami narrates growing under abusive parents, kicked out at 17

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Silas Miami

Louis Otieno’s estranged son Silas Miami has publicly opened up on his past struggles as a child to emotionally abusive and manipulative parents.

Opening up to netizens through his Twitter page, the young man who is openly gay said the pressure to bury the hatchet with his toxic parents left him feeling indebted to an abusive lover he was dating at the time.

Silas went on to add that his mother kicked him out of their home at the tender age of 17 years after coming out as gay.

The South African-based filmmaker added that he chose to cut ties with his mother until two years after when he received a call from her informing him Louis Otieno was seriously ill.

At the time, his mother pleaded with him to pay a visit to his bedridden father forcing Miami to jet from Cape Town and make peace with him and failure to that would possibly land him in curses.

Silas Miami and Louis Otieno

Upon arrival, Miami headed to Matter Hospital in Nairobi where his father Louis, had been admitted, further disclosing that his father tried to denounce him as his son when he entered his ward but quickly changed tune when he realized that his son had flown in all the way from South Africa just to see him.

When Miami jetted back to the South, his father began soliciting money from him under the pretext of his mother to which he sent money out of naivety.

 “As soon as I get back to CPT the calls start. My mother is asking me for money on his behalf. And I was foolish. I was trying to ‘forgive’. So I sent the money,” he wrote.

Read through the whole Twitter thread below;

Reactions from netizens;

@_mama_munchkin_: Silanyo to this day, I feel yours is the most deserving heart of everything good! I remember that ka-19 yr old making decisions he had no business making at that age, and I wonder. Anyhu, dust! You’re amazing

@Clarien_L: You didn’t deserve to be treated with such manipulation and lack of love, nor should you have had choices like that placed on your shoulders. They don’t deserve a child like you, nor are they entitled to your forgiveness

@feministaMK: Hugs Silas. I find the whole talk on forgiveness annoying, rarely do those who push for it want accountability on the part of abusers/wrong doers. Victims continually gaslight in the name of religion/traditions. Forgiveness is overrated

@ikiarab: I feel this. I am you. In a different but same dimension. I’m sorry




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