Marital Problems?Diana Marua Deletes Bahati’s Photos On Her Instagram

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Diana Marua and Bahati

There could be trouble in paradise for one of social media’s favorite couple Diana Marua and Kevin Bahati after the lass deleted all her husband’s photos from her Instagram.

According to rumors, the couple could be experiencing a shaky episode in their marriage for reasons the public is yet to know.

Kevin kioko alias Bahati

However,it is not uncommon to see Kenyan couples using such moves in a bid to gain clout or it could be a sign of actual problems in paradise.

This would be the first time seeing Diana unfollow her better half on social media, to a point of deleting their cozy photos together as they are always posting photos of each other.

The sudden yet unexpected move has definitely raised an alarm amongst netizens.

Bahati and Diana Marua

Previously,the couple had infidelity issues on their plate as seen on their reality show and Diana more than once complained of a certain girl who often made appearances at Bahati’s events and sat by the front line.

According to netizens, this could be strategy to build pressure and anticipation for an upcoming project or announcement.

Bahati and firstborn daughter Mueni Bahati

Others have mentioned that Diana’s sudden actions has come some days before Mueni’s birthday and their personal issues could have arrived from the party’s planning process.We can only guess!

Following the rumors, Bahati warned bloggers to refrain from spreading false information about his family henceforth.

“Stop Planting Flowers in Peoples Yards Who Aren’t Going to Water them. SO BLOGGERS PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM MY FAMILY!!!“ Bahati warned

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