Midnight Mass. My Own Personal Smash Hit!

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Ever since I watched my first Michael Flanagan flick, The Haunting of Hill House, I’ve been obsessed with this man’s work. Almost all his pieces are done to perfection. I didn’t quite enjoy Gerald’s Game, but it was alright. At least I didn’t dose right through all of it. Hill House, Bly Manor, Doctor Sleep and finally Midnight Mass have are some of my best films and series. I just don’t know how he does it. Each of them has something special.

I just watched Midnight Mass and I’m telling you, you need to see this series and you need to binge-watch all of it. I downloaded the film about a week ago but I’ve been postponing watching it since that time, I don’t know why. Today was a lazy Sunday so I decided to plough through it, and I was not disappointed.

The film made me feel things I didn’t think I could feel about a film. The setup is dope, acting on point and most of all, it will get even the toughest Nazi soldier shedding at least a tear. They build up all these characters and you get so attached to them only for them to take them away. I love that feeling!

The thing I like about Mike is that he doesn’t usually draw out a story longer than it needs to be. Midnight Mass was only 7 episodes long and all those episodes were executed to perfection! I’m making it a personal mission to watch and analyze all his works for the benefit of my career. I just love his style. The films are never rushed and the suspense builds for an appropriate amount of time before it spills over. I loved it. He’s doing the Midnight Club next, a series, and knowing him, it might take a year or two for us to finally get that on the small screen, but I will tell you one thing, the wait is well work it!

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