“Mimi ndio sijui kucheat?” Karen Nyamu claps back at trolls of her relationship with Samidoh.

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Seemingly, city politician Karen Nyamu is not ready to admit to causing problems in Mugithi singer Samidoh Muchoki’s marriage, well at least not yet. The mother of two who on the weekend confirmed speculation around her last born’s paternity has been breathing fire on critics of her relationship with the singer.

Karen Nyamu with Samidoh

A video shared by the politician who in 2013 vied for the Nairobi women’s representative seat unsuccessfully to her Instagram displaying Samidoh babysitting their child, elicited mixed reactions from a section of her followers with the majority reprimanding her for siring a child with a married man.

However, Karen Nyamu feels different about her situation as she even denies breaking the singer’s marriage attacking everyone that insinuates the same. Responding to a fan who reminded her that she is bound to get cheated on by the singer just like Ssmidoh cheated on his wife, Edith Nderitu, with her, Karen claimed that she too can cheat on the singer in any case.

Karen Nyamu

Your dating a married man and think he would never cheat on you?” posed a fan.

Karen replied, “@jane.james114 hehehe hio nayo imetoka wapi. Mimi ndio sijui kucheat?”

When another follower reminded the politician that she is nothing but a mistress to Samidoh since there are zero chances that the singer will leave his wife and children for her, Karen Nyamu claimed that she was not looking to replace the wife citing that the fan’s comment was driven by jealousy.

Karen Nyamu

So what!! Cio wewe wa mwisho… the truth is you’ll remain a mistress woman! Don’t think he will leave his wife and marry you and by the way, take care of your child!” commented @hadassahnjagzz.

Listen I’m not a petty woman like you to be happy with a man who can leave his wife. That’s a boy. does it pain you so much that he is taking care of his son? Kama chungu tema,” Karen Nyamu fired back.


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