Mother of underage girl “sexually Linked” to Andrew Kibe promises to take legal action

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Andrew Kibe linked to an underage girl

Faded Kiss 100 presenter Andrew Kibe was previously accused of getting intimate with a minor believed to be 17-years old and still in high school.

Through his Insta stories, Tea-master Edgar Obare sparked mixed reactions when a source privy to the teenager gave detailed information in the form of screenshots and WhatsApp conversations that highlighted how the foul-mouthed media personality sexually enaged with a minor.

This time around, the Rogue Radio founder has found himself on the wrong side of the law where reports paint him as a pedophile.

Kibe is said to have first interacted with the minor identified as Michelle through a popular dating application known as Tinder, a platform the young girl was rumored to use to lure unsuspecting men for transactional sex.

The former pastor and political aspirant will now face the legal docks after the girl’s mother who chose to remain anonymous spoke to Edgar Obare saying she is gearing up to press charges against the 44-year-old following the raunchy nude photos of the teenager and the entertainer making rounds on social media.

According to Michelle’s cousin who also confided in Edgar Obare regarding the issue, the 17-year-old ran away from home in July 2020 when the Kenyan government shut-down learning institutions occasioned by the deadly coronavirus.

Michelle’s female friends were also accused of pimping her out for money but they later kicked her out when tension occurred in their friendship. Her cousin went on to add that her family was tracking her movements with the help of detectives but her exact location could not be established because of her constant trips to different locations in the city.

She later sought refuge at Kibe’s house but he was not ready to accommodate and funded her fare to a relative’s place.

When Kenyan sleuths managed to get a hold of the minor, she was taken to  Mama Lucy’s hospital for screening and is currently back in school.

At the time of this publication, Andrew Kibe has not responded in regards to the allegations leveled against him.

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