Muosho Moja!Photos Of Kenyan Celebrities Before Fame and Money

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Photos Of Kenyan Celebrities Before Fame and Money

Have you ever asked yourself what your favorite Kenyan celebrities looked like before they shot to fame and became who they are today?

It will always come as a shock how notable personalities completely change after they get more famous and seasoned personalities in various areas of the showbiz and media industry.

Well, look no further since we have compiled for you various celebrity pictures from before they were famous and money came in flowing into their pockets.


Jalang’o After fame and money

Comedian Jalango’s journey to success is a prime example of hard work and consistency pays off for the person to get far.

Before fame, he started out as a fishmonger but later relocated to Nairobi for a breakthrough and stayed with his relatives.

He would later join set book actors and due to his impeccable acting skills, he received recognition among teachers, students, and his manager.

The minor acting roles became a light at the end of the tunnel for him as he got more roles to play since then.

In 2004, he joined Kiss 100 as a radio presenter and that was the beginning of his fame and money. Check out Jalang’o before fame and money;

Jalang’o before fame and money
Jalang’o before fame and money

Diana Marua

Diana Marua After Fame and Money

Way before her party and clubbing life kicked in, Diana Marua worked as a commercial model and human resource practitioner and her life was relatively calm and private at the time when she a career-driven woman.

At the moment, the musician’s one of the prettiest celebrity moms in Kenya. She is always the talk of the town with some controversial topic like her age and her stunning beauty wows many.

Marua’s photos back in the day will blow your mind. Let us know your thoughts!

Diana Marua Before Fame and Money

Khaligraph Jones

Khaligraph Jones and Daughter Amali Ouko

Khaligraph Jones whose real name is Brian Robert Ouko is a thriving and seasoned Kenyan Rapper with international recognition.

Unknown to many, the 30-year-old rapper had it rough growing up after dropping out of school in form four and the situation forced him to intentionally focus on his musical talent.

At only 19, the rapper knew he was a talented individual after being recognized by the Channel O Kenyan edition at only 19 years.

Before the fame, awards, and money here’s how the father of three looked during his humble beginnings;

Khaligraph Jones before fame and money
Khaligraph Jones before fame and money
Khaligraph Jones before fame and money

Vera Sidika

Vera Sidika

Shikwekwe alias vera sidika is one of the most curvy women in Kenya and she shot to fame when she started working as a video vixen for various Kenyan hits at the time.

Six years ago, the controversial socialite decided to undergo a skin lightening procedure in Europe of which she reportedly spent over 15M on just lightening her skin while terming her body as her business.

Her photos before fame show that Vera was indeed a melanated Beauty and she never used to be as curvy as she is now.

Below are some of her is TBT photos before fame and money;

Vera Sidika Before Fame and Money
Vera Sidika Before Fame and Money
Vera Sidika After Fame and Money

Eric Omondi

Eric Omondi After fame and money

At one point, the Comedian admitted he was famous but swimming in poverty; A situation that almost landed him in depression.

According to Omondi, society has serious expectations of famous people like luxury and smooth life. Before he got where he is today, Eric Omondi was helped by Churchill to make money out of popularity.

Later on, he was asked to get a manager and that’s where he looked for shows to make money for himself.

Speaking during an interview with Standard media, Eric Omondi advised his fellow comedians or any popular person to get mentors. But before we dive deeper, here are Eric Omondi’s photos before fame and money.

Eric Omondi Before Fame and Money

Noti flow

Noti flow after fame

The rapper’s past is one that Netizens find hard to actualize since the musician’s skin color has significantly changed after shooting to fame. Natalie Florence is a rapper who popped out of nowhere and soon became a socialite of interest in the Kenyan showbiz scene with the release of her first song, ‘Hella.’

Before the glitz and the glam, however, Noti Flow was another person altogether as seen on her throwback photos where she was naturally dark.

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