“My Ex Was A Soldier” Sandra Dacha Reveals Reasons For Their Break Up

Popular actress Sandra Dacha alias Silprosa for her tv role, claimed that being dumped by an ex boyfriend was the best thing that could have happened to her as she has been counting blessings ever since they called it quits.

Revealing her story to Nana Owiti, she said that the reason for their break up was that the boyfriend insinuated that she was ‘living out of her means’ after finding new house hold items at her place. Which couldd generally translate to having someone else funding them.

“My ex was a soldier, I don’t know if he still is and he had come back from a mission. He found out I had bought a new fridge and a cooker. So he would look at the items and do a rough estimation of what it would have costed akaona hizo vitu bei ghali. So he dumped me,” said Sandra of the toxic ex.

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She however admits that the incident accustomed mixed reaction from her as she was on one hand sad that she had been dumped but on the other, happy she was receiving her freedom.

Saying,”that was the happiest moment of my life he opens so many doors for me. He want to come back but acha akae huko. It was also the saddest day.”

Her ex probably wants to now associate with her after her star shone and she became famous. Sandra in recent days has opened up on her struggles to fame and even more heartbreaking was the revelation of being raped at a very young age.

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Sandra was named as the brand ambassador of Akothee Safaris,a tour company owned by Akothee.

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