“My Ex-wife Is Not My Daughter’s Mother!” Robert Burale Clears The Air.

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Life coach and pastor Robert Burale has come out to clarify that his ex-wife is not the mother to his daughter, a mistake that has often been made. Burale and his ex-wife Rozinah Mwakideu were married for over a year before their public break up. He claimed that during their break many people reprimanded him for fighting with the supposed mother of his daughter a fact that was not true as he already had his daughter before their relationship.

People were saying how can you fight like this and you have a child together. They brought my daughter into a situation where she is not. My ex-wife is not my daughter’s mother. And many people make that mistake,” Robert Burale said.

He went on to narrate how the break up affected him saying that people judged him harshly owing to his profession which is preaching and b being a relationship coach. He admitted going through depression and bitterness at that time before he managed to pick up his broken pieces.

It was public. When we broke up, we didn’t have the luxury of setting things in private, so it was us and many other people who took sides. I was judged as a preacher and a relationship coach. I went through bitterness, self-pity, depression, and then healing,” he disclosed.

However, the life coach would be triggered 5 years later after their split after the ex-wife went to an interview with a local media house. Burale chooses not to believe that some of the words that were said against him in the interview came from the ex-wife but rather he believes that she might have been misquoted.

I handled it with a lot of pain. There was a lot of bitterness and anger. I do believe my ex-wife was misquoted in some of those things. Cause I know some of those things that were said she didn’t say,” he confessed.

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