“My Fans Are Everything!” Meet Songstress Pryshon!

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Over the weekend, I caught up with an old friend who is now a fast rising star in the musical scenery.  Pryshon, whose real names are Priscilla Gathoni, has  performed alongside dancehall star Konshens and also curtain raised for Wizkid. She takes me through her musical journey from when she discovered her singing ability in class 3 all through to her latest jam.

Here is what went down in our interview:

Q: Tell me about Pryshon… When did you discover your singing ability and what was the first reaction from the audience?

The first time I sang in front of an audience, I was in class 3 and despite my classmates not really liking me back then, it was undeniable that I had a gift. They didn’t congratulate me or anything but the look in their eyes told me there was something and immediately my class teacher asked me to join the music team in school. And around the same time I started singing in church as well, in the children’s choir.

Q: How about your family?

Well, I think they knew from when I was like 2. Cos I used to make them listen to me sing adverts😂😂 and if they’d refuse I’d cry and my mum would make them listen.

Q: Describe your music

My music is a fusion of rnb and pop sometimes I’m in my feels and I just want to sing over a piano, some nice melodies other times I’m just lit, you know? And I just want to make music I can dance to so basically my music is those two moods.

Q:  Your first song, Thinking, what was the inspiration behind it?

I was supposed to have a free song after doing some studio work on a client who later signed me. While in the studio, the producer played me Nem’s music and I was like, I would definitely want to work with him. And next session he came through and killed it! The inspiration behind the song was purely imaginative. Just a boy and a girl who finally opens up about their feelings towards each other after a long time of holding it in.

Q:  I reckon you working with dancehall superstar Konshens, what was the experience and how did you two link up?

One of the best experiences ever! We linked up through Twitter, and he was a dream to work with. Super humble and such an organized team. We recorded a project but COVID happened. I hope when things go back to normal we finish it up.

Q: Oh nice! I missed on your performance but I caught up with every bit of it on YouTube, I have to say that was an electrifying performance, any secrets to it?

Thank you I try to. It gets better every time, practice and experience makes it better.

Q: So, aside from Konshens, which other ‘huge’ celebrities have you performed with?

I opened for Wizkid a while back and it was pretty exciting. We didn’t get to interact much cos he was in and out but I was still humbled.

I also performed a duet with an amazing Tanzanian singer called Nandy, during her album launch in Kenya, she’s amazing!

Q: Take me through your creative process.

It depends, sometimes I get a beat, listen to it multiple times then when I’m in the shower or something, melodies start to flow and I quickly record them. Then later, I gather everything together and it forms a song.

Other times I’m at the studio and I have an idea of what I want to sing about and we make the beat from scratch and just see where it leads.

Q: If you were to choose between an online and physical shopping, which one would you go for and why?

If it’s outfits definitely physically, I don’t want surprises. But accessories and the likes I just check the reviews and I’m good. At least online you have options to company to and there’s reviews and most online shops do deliveries. It’s a win!

Q: Speaking of surprises, have you had any disappointing shopping experiences?

Of course! Just recently this was selling very very cute beads for braids. In the description it said 13 beads and the price was so good! I bought them immediately, shipping took a month! But I was like they’re worth it. When it came, it was just one bead!

Q: You mentioned Rona delaying one of your projects? What other challenges have you faced as an artist in this pandemic?

This pandemic is just the gherroo! Most of us Kenyan artists heavily depend on gig money. So you can imagine all those months without consistent income, it’s no joke!

Q: Speaking of which, some artists resulted to live sessions on their social platforms, yourself, had Karaoke lives on Thursdays, What happened to them and also what role do you think the internet has played?

Yes yes. I used to do it (Karaoke lives). But i had to go back to studio and sometimes it would collide with the live. I’ve actually decided to record the covers professionally and post them weekly, I should start posting very soon.

The internet is everything to us. We heavily depend on it for context contribution. Streams on YouTube and other platforms also contribute greatly to our income.

Q: Your latest jam, Hold you down, talk to me about it.

Hold you down is a jam I wrote for my support system. When I was starting out and no one knew who I was, I’d have a show and my friends would show up and scream my name so hard that everyone would believe I was the next big thing. It was so inspiring. Looking back to moments like that just made me want to make sure they know I’m grateful.

Q: That is love! And you sure are the next big thing!

Amen sister!

Q: As we draw to a conclusion, anything you’d want your fans to know?

My fans are my everything. Sometimes i want to give up and then a fan reaches out  and I get back up! It’s crazy how complete strangers can support you so hard! I’m really humbled and I will keep doing my best to not let them down.

Q: Finally, you have an upcoming project with Mbithi right? Can you talk about it a little bit?

I do!! It’s called For You. Its a song that talks about complicated relationships, better known as situationships, when you give someone your all but the relationship isn’t defined so you’re just confused. You’re in so deep that you don’t want to let go but at the same time you don’t really know if what you have is enough to hold onto. This is pretty much what constitutes most relationships today. Confusion tu.



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