Nairobi Safari Walk. Thoughts.

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I’ve heard a lot about Nairobi Safari Walk, all good things all through. I always wanted to visit and I finally got an excuse to do so this past week. The weather was really chilly and it drizzled a little in the morning but I’m not one to cancel plans on account of a little rain. I was afraid, though, that the animals would be hiding from the rain and we wouldn’t see any of them.

Nairobi Safari Walk is located along Lang’ata road just past the military base. The entrance touches the road so it’s fairly difficult to get lost. You can check the directions on Google Maps here. I enjoyed the place because it’s just a few minutes from the CBD and very easy to access.

As for the rates, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. They’re quite fair, at least for citizens and residents. Citizens and residents pay KShs 200 for adults and KShs 100 for children while tourists pay USD 20 for adults and USD 10 for children. Parking is free, quite a treat right? Haha. Make sure to carry your ID, passport or some other form of identification as they ask for this at the entrance. Also note that they don’t take cash at the premises, so be prepared to transact via mobile or card.

I must admit, I thought it was quite small before I visited. The pictures of the wooden bridge are what I pictured in my mind when someone mentions Nairobi Safari Walk. There was mention of a hippo in the description but, unfortunately, we didn’t get a chance to see the beast. I’ll be honest, the number of animals present at the park was a little disappointing. There were regular monkeys jumping all over, while some that looked unique were caged. Wouldn’t want to be them, seeing your friends partying like rockstars while you’re locked away. It looked like a prison. There’s also a section with some wildebeest, buffalo, zebras and ostriches. For the big cat lovers, there’s a lions’ area, although we only saw one and a leopard area, we didn’t see him there. Leopards are supposed to be quite elusive, I guess this one passed the test.

In terms of seeing wildlife, I felt like the experience was quite underwhelming. There’s not much to look at over here, I remember seeing more animals at the animal orphanage, although this was years ago.  The walk, however, was quite something. There’s the paved area where you see the animals from the glass windows and behind fences, then there’s a woodland type area, which would make for very romantic walks (there are no dangerous animals, in case you were wondering) and then there’s the raised wooden walking area.

Nairobi Safari Walk Raised Walking Area

There’s really not much to write about this place. I enjoyed the walk more than seeing the animals. I don’t know if it’s because of the company I had or if the walk is just that good. It would make for a good pit stop if you’re planning to head into the national park. Overall, the place is alright. I would recommend it for dates, walks, passing time and any other activity that doesn’t really have a rigid schedule around it.

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