Nana Owiti reveals how she got ”wifed-up” by King Kaka

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Nana Owiti and King Kaka

Chatspot Host Nana Owiti recently recounted the tips and tricks she used to get King Kaka’s heart.

The mother of two, explained how started taking care of her boo, way before he chose her as his life partner.

According to Nana, her caring and naturing qualities prompted her to make the musician comfortable as opposed to his money and fame.

Speaking during Switch Tv’s chatspot, Owiti said that she all the wifey duties like washing, cooking and cleaning for her man before he put a ring on it.

Her motive for all that was to help push and create a foundation for their relationship. Looking back, her efforts bore fruits because the couple has been together for the past six years.

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Nana Owiti once disclosed how she made the first move on King Kaka and he eventually warmed up to her advances, although he still courted her.

I made the first move on King Kaka, of course, he is the one who did the chasing, we met at a movie shop and I was like, hey sasa, unakaa poa. See where it landed me, I did not die. It’s all about shooting your shot. Ladies can do this as well” she revealed on Chat Spot

Luck seemed to be on the Tv host’s side since some women have tried doing the same for their ex-lovers only to be dropped like a hot potato!

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During the heated conversation on Tv,Nana’s co-presenters admitted to strategically “wifing” themselves to their better halves as compared to Owiti who got an engagement ring from her spouse.

King Kaka proposes to Nana Owiti

Six years ago, King Kaka was romantically linked to “Dumbala” singer Sage and Nana Owiti around the same time. Both sage and Nana got pregnant for the rapper and welcomed baby girls.

Ultimately, the rapper chose Nana as his life partner and became a family of four after siring one more child.


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