Netflix To Do Away With Its 30-Day Free Trial Period

Popular video streaming platform Netflix has terminated it’s 30-day free trial that was pushed to October 2020.

Previously, many prospective subscribers to the extensive platform frequently binged watched a few movies within the free trial period and could cancel it before being charged but the service won’t be available henceforth.

According to Netflix, new client’s who sign up will be billed right away on a monthly basis and the cancelled free trial has commenced in the United States as reported by Variety.

“Free trials are not available but you can still sign up and take advantage of all Netflix has to offer. There are no contracts, no cancellation fees and no commitments. You have the freedom to change your plan or cancel anytime if you decide Netflix isn’t for you.” A note on the company’s website validates the move.

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Following the decision, Netflix has an exception that allows people without valid subscriptions to view a small range of Netflix Original shows and movies free of charge without an account.

This move might finally get those less inclined to sign up to pay up and subscribe and if not interested, they will watch a few free selected movies on the platform like BirdBox and the pilot episodes of shows like Stranger Things.

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