“New street queen?” Manzi wa Kibera opens up on her beef with Shakilla.

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If you thought you had seen it all with the budding teen socialite Shakilla, you might be forced to rethink again! This is after a wannabe socialite who seeks to overthrow Shakilla as the Queen of the streets recently gained popularity.

Shakilla vs Manzi wa Kibera

Wamboi alias Manzi wa Kibera is said to be an exotic dancer at one of the expensive city clubs. The lady who flaunts her big derriere for all and sundry came out in an interview with content creator Eva Mungai accusing Shakilla of snatching away her sponsor whilst also exposing Shakilla’s little known past. Speaking to Eva, Wamboi claimed that she housed Shakilla for sometime after she was chased away from home by her father following her controversial overnight rise to fame.

Manzi wa Kibera

Shakilla was chased away from home by her father after she became popular because of her controversies. I housed her for some time but after aomoke, akanitoka,” explained  Manzi wa Kibera.

Manzi wa Kibera alleged that Shakilla, who according to her had been eyeing her sponsor, stole him from her and that she only came to find out about it when the said sponsor shared a picture to his Whatsapp status and she peeped Shakilla’s tattoo in the background. On confronting her, Shakilla was arrogant and instead chose to rub the fact that Wamboi had a missing tooth and couldn’t even smile, on her face.


She went on to narrate how she lost her tooth after a drinking spree.

There’s a day I went out and drank too much. When I came back home, I stepped on avocado peels and fell down. I hit the ground so hard and lost my tooth,” she recounted.

The wannabe socialite also claimed that Shakilla is a thief, saying that she stole her clothes and bags other than her sponsor. For this reason, she holds a grudge with the teenager.

We were born and raised in Kibra with her but she’s a fake friend. Ananiibia nguo, sponsor, bag… I’m mad at her. I have a grudge with her. I want my things and my tooth back!” she claimed.

Manzi wa Kibera

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