New Video Evidence Emerges From The Teen Murder, Frasha Joins In The Fight For Justice!

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Former Nairobi Diaries cast member Black Cinderella has been leading the call for justice for one, Shanty who was killed at the Nai Fest event earlier this month under unclear circumstances. The socialite promised to see that the deceased family and friends get justice for their loved one at all cost.

She and Maria Njeri, who initially spearheaded the movement, unscathed video evidence to cancel initial claims from the event organizer Bridget Achieng that Stephen Munga alias Shanty was rescued by Bridget’s team and taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. According to the now-viral videos, it is evident that the young man met his death following a rough beating he received from the event bouncers.

Even though the cause of the deceased confrontation with the security team remains unknown, many believe that they (bouncers) should have handled the situation better and avoid the loss of life. They started the hashtag Justice for Shanty hoping that their cry would be answered and have his killers arrested, which has not happened up until the time of writing this forcing them to create another #ArrestBridgetAchieng for her involvement in the whole saga. They believe Bridget is covering up for her team.

Now an influential voice among the youths and former P-Unit band member Frasha has joined the movement promising to bring justice for his death. Taking to his Instagram, he has called on all youths to show up for a peaceful demonstration at the Kabete police station tomorrow at 10 am.

The blood of this young man shall not go in vain am looking for the parents of Shanty. Those who beat him to death must be brought to book and face the law. Kindly help me find the parents,” he wrote. Adding, “The truth shall set you free these are the last moments of Shanty before he died. I hope this help to get justice for him. Kesho tupatane hapo Kabete police station 10 am.”

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