” Ni Sahii Tu Anasema Ni Love , Hakuna Love Hapo,” City Pastor’s Comment On Guardian’s Relationship.

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City pastor and marriage counsellor, Migwi, recently commented on Gospel singer’s Guardian Angel, relationship with his 50 years old girlfriend, Esther Musila. The couple made headlines a few weeks ago after their relationship came to light with many astonished by the pair’s age difference. Against all odds, the two are still going strong with their love and proving that age is just a number.

However, the city pastor has echoed many other critics of the pair, claiming that Guardian Angel is in the relationship for financial gain. Despite noting that the bible says nothing about age, he feels that the gospel artist is wasting his youthful years just looking to secure the bag from the rich girlfriend.

“The Bible doesn’t talk about age and anyone is free to do whatever but as a counsellor, I can see his tomorrow. What comes to mind is he is in there for money. He’s marrying money and that is very wrong. He is a very young man he should go for his agemates than rich older woman who will make him regret later. A good wife comes from the Lord. Proverbs 31,” Migwi weighed in his thought.

He also added,

“Guardian will in future regret for wasting his time on such a relationship. Ni sahii tuu anasema ni love, hakuna love hapo. Because of tomorrow I can’t advise him to continue with that relationship. Hata afadhali apate msichana msichana wanatoshana age ama mwenye amempita na 2 to 3 years. Hiyo ya Esther ni mingi sana.”

In the past the artist had rubbished any rumors that he was in the relationship for his lover’s money, claiming theirs was true love. They have also released a song together recently and are set to start a reality show to give the public an insight of their day to day lives.

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