“Nijipate!” Shaq the Yungin responds to claims that he’s dating Shakilla.

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Self-proclaimed Nairobi’s youngest sponsor, Shaq the Yungin strongly denied claims that he was involved with teen socialite Shakilla. The NRG radio host was responding to some of his fans’ assumptions about him on his Youtube channel when he came across the assumption that he was dating Shakilla.

Shaq the Yungin

Responding to the fan, Shaq hilariously denied being associated with the controversial teenager stating that Shakilla was Eric Omondi’s and that he would never, not even in a million years, be involved with the socialite.

“Bro ooliskia wapi? Mimi? Nijipate! hell no… naah not in a million years… hizo tuliachia Eric Omondi joh! hiyo swali imenisuffocate btw umeniaffect umenichoke.. that’s impossible ,” Shaq hysterically responded.

Shaq the Yungin

I mean, only a few would want to be romantically associated with the socialite who rose to fame overnight following her controversial confession on the viral Instagram Live. The 19-year old back then claimed to have bedded a number of celebrities including Khaligraph Jones and Otile Brown. She would also outrageously use a TV remote to please herself during the controversial Xtian Dela Live session causing the internet to erupt.

Teen socialite Shakilla

However, a few weeks later, Shakilla claimed that the events of that fateful night were a result of too much drinking. According to the socialite, she had had too much to drink that night and only woke up to the viral Instagram Live. Nonetheless, all damage had been done and she had to live with the consequences that would later see Victor Wanyama one of the influential names named in her sex scandal threaten to take legal actions against her.

Teen socialite Shakilla

Shakilla dealt well with her scandal offering apologies where necessary earning herself the title, Queen of the streets!

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