“Nitakufinya” man to sue corporates for using his image without consent

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“Nitakufinya” man to sue corporates for using his image without consent (Photo; Instagram)

Aron Asaba Matendenchere, the middle-aged man behind the now stale “Nitakufinya” buzzwords has decided to take legal action against several corporates who have been using his image without his consent.

With the help of his lawyer Tom Ojienda, Asiba has sued Co-operative Bank, National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPD), and Ruiru Mabati Factory.

According to the father of nine, various corporations have been using his images to promote their products leaving him psychological trauma.

Aron Asaba Matendenchere (Photo; Instagram)

“The said actions have subjected me to psychological torture because the society, peers, associates, family, business partners, and affiliates now perceive me to have gained financially from the advertisements,” he stated.

His legal representative Ojienda , further informed the magistrate that his client has been seeking refuge on hideouts in a bid to hide from his creditors who believed that he had earned a good amount of money from the commercials.

Aron Asaba Matendenchere (Photo; Instagram)

“I am living with apprehension that my creditors are on the verge of recovering their debts,” he told the High Court.

The obtained court documents show that Co-operative Bank recently reposted his image across their social media pages on July 5 and 22 and accompanied it with a caption that read: “Banker akiona loan defaulter akikula Kuku town”.

The same fate has befallen Ruiru Mabati who used his image to advertise their iron sheet products and captioned it with a message saying, ‘mambo ya mabati achia wenye najua, usifinywe, nunua Ruiru Mabati’.

“Ruiru Mabati have actually exploited my identity, image to gain commercially and in tandem, have violated my right to publicity which speaks to my right to control and make money from the commercial use of my identity, image or likeness or persona,” he argued.

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