“Nlijua Tu Watakataa.” Milly Wa Jesus’ Shocking Confession.

Despite the fact that the celebrity couple Wa Jesus looking very affectionate about each other, Milly shockingly confessed to disliking Kabi at first. She claimed that Kabi never seemed like the guy she would settle down with not to mention date!

In a recent episode of The Wajesus Family, the couple hosted their parents over the weekend during Kabi’s 30th birthday celebrations. Milly’s mother confessed that she never liked Kabi for her girl on their first meeting owing to Kabi’s weird looks back then. This is despite the fact that Kabi had made his advances for Milly.

Milly would however ask him to meet her parents and make his intentions clear with them as she wasn’t prepared to receive a lecture or rejection from them. And also for some reason she also shared the same dislike for Kabi with her parents so by sending him to them she hoped that he defended himself like the man he was.

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Nikamwambia itabidi tu aende kwa wazazi wangu apambane nao. Nilijua tu watakataa. Ni  vile sikuwa nataka afikirie ni mimi namkataa,” she said. Her revelation sent the people in attendance bursting into laughter and feeling sorry for the man whose crime was falling in love! She also added, “Mi singewezana. Sikuwa nataka niende nipewe stress, niliona aende ajionee.”

Kabi was left short of words with the confession.

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