“Nothing prepares you for the loss of a parent!” Mourns Miss Mandi!

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Popular vlogger and media personality Mandi Sarro popularly known as Miss Mandi taking to her Instagram account yesterday March 8th revealed that she is still in grief after losing her parent. Describing the feeling of losing a parent as one that leaves one gasping for breath, she thanked her friends who stood by her side through this tough time.

Miss Mandi

She went on to disclose that one of the best pieces of advice she had received from one of her friends and which she is entirely grateful for as it has helped her through her grief was to lean into the people who are going to give her joy. Furthermore, Mandi extended her gratitude to her friends for the support they’ve shown to her along with every other person that has shared with her grief.

Miss Mandi’s friends

Nothing prepares you for the loss of a parent. You feel like you’ve been taken out by the wind and can barely breathe. I am extremely grateful to my family, friends, partner, team and every single person who has comforted me during this time. I am thankful for everyone who has offered me some amazing advice on how to deal with this grief,” Mandi wrote.

She continued to add,

“One of my friends mentioned to me to lean into the people who are going to give me joy & once he told me that I  ran with it and it has really helped. When you swipe you’ll get to see the amazing sisters who held me down and did everything in their power to comfort me. I am grateful, deeply grateful. To my community who have showed up for me & my family, I can’t thank you enough.”

Miss Mandi

Her friends and fans took to her comment section to share their condolences with her.

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