Nviiri responds to Elodie Zone’s “abusive” relationships after breakup stunt

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Elodie confirms breakup with Nviiri [Photo; Instagram]
One of Sol Generation’s singers Nviiri The Storyteller a few moments ago set tongues talking after his girlfriend Elodie Zone made ‘abusive relationship’ allegations against him.

This came as a shock to as many the two portrayed a picture-perfect couple across social media shortly after the pombe sigara hitmaker confirmed their relationship in May through an interview.

Elodie Zone and Nviiri the storyteller [Photo; Instagram]
“We have been friends for eight years. We kept our relationship a secret for months without telling people we were dating. We needed to understand ourselves, are we strong enough for the public because they can be ruthless.”Our decision was to keep it low until we were ready to announce it. It affects our brands in a way…will I still continue being Nviiri the ladies’ man, bwana pombe sigara, single man? Dynamics change. And for her, will she continue being the same role model? By the time people came to find out about it, we were already confident about our relationship.”

Elodie Zone Confirms Break-up With Singer Nviiri, Reveals Scary Details About The Cause Of Split [Photo; Instagram]
Well, it now seems the couple is not on healthy terms after Ms. Elodie confirmed that they are not dating anymore following episodes of physical, emotional, and domestic abuse from her boyfriend.

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In a QnA session on Sunday night, the 25-year-old alleged she has pulled the plug on her romance as she is no longer tolerant of abusive patterns from her lover.

In a new twist, the digital creator was still vacationing with Nviiri in Mombasa while leveling these accusations and the young man decided to finally spill the tea!

 “For everyone asking, NIKO SAWA, thank you for reaching out.”

She added that when the whole incident was happening, someone, she thought was her friend left her in a vulnerable position, where she could have lost her life due to sexual assault from a stranger.

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Elodie Zone Confirms Break-up With Singer Nviiri, Reveals Scary Details About The Cause Of Split [Photo ; Instagram]
However, Nviiri squashed the rumors saying that it was not him being addressed in Elodie’s claims.

“It is definitely not me because I like dealing with my issues at home. I do not know who she was talking about. The thing is we break up and makeup so it is what it is,” said Nviiri.

This past weekend, Nviiri had been captured on Elodie’s stories as the two are reportedly at the Coast. However,  their extremely toxic situation is still on the edge.

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