Nyama Mama Capital Centre, Yay or Nay?

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I wasn’t really going to do this post, but it’s been eating away at me and I just had to do it. A few days ago, I happened to go on a date to  Nyama Mama and I must say that I was blown away by the experience.

Nyama Mama, Capital Center
Nyama Mama, Capital Center

Starting off, I believe that Nyama Mama is owned by a Kenyan, that’s why it has done a really spending job in sticking to the Kenyan aesthetic. If you’ve lived in the village or have some village experience, you’ll be able to appreciate the reimagining of the village experience that has been brought to you by Nyama Mama. From the minute you walk into the restaurant, you get an authentic modern African vibe, starting from the styling to the service.

From my experience, I saw that they try and stick to traditionally styled plates and cups which sort of brings nostalgic memories of those good old days when grandma would serve you tea in your favourite ‘mabati’ cup. Only that this time, you’re probably sipping a nice cup of cold cocktail from the same cup. I think it provides a good reminder of the past and also serves as a guide that we don’t have to entirely discard our past, it can be fashioned to serve us in the future.

Nyama Mama Cocktail
Nyama Mama Cocktail

The cocktails are on point. I had a cocktail that’s called Blue Mount while my date had a Lion Share cocktail. The Blue Mount cocktail has Tea infused Gordon’s gin, Mama’s blackberry and mint cordial, mango, lemon and chai spices. I loved that the alcohol was in the distance but still present. The mint was subtle, which I appreciated since I don’t like a lot of mint flavouring in my drinks. I’d say the dominant flavour would have to be the chai spices; I don’t know exactly what those are but they were the only thing I couldn’t put my finger on.

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For my food, I had a chicken burger and some masala fries. This is among the best burgers that I’ve ever had, and I’ve had a lot of burgers. It really is worth the price. The sauce was generous, the chicken was generous and well prepared. Everything was quite outstanding. I’m not quite good at reviewing foodstuff so I don’t think I would do that burger justice if I started writing about it here. All you need to know is that it was an exceptional burger. Not like those washed up burgers that you buy at Quickmart and Naivas; not like there’s something wrong with them, just that they really cannot compare with the burger you’ll find here even in the faintest light.

I love the fact that they have a wide variety of seating arrangements. You can get an outdoor seating setup for about 2 – 4 people and 4 – 8 people, or thereabout. You can also get indoor seating arrangements with similar configurations although the indoor area has an additional bar type of sitting arrangement where there are high tables and chairs (which is where we sat); if you fancy that kind of thing.

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Nyama Mama, Capital Center, Exterior Sitting
Nyama Mama, Capital Center, Exterior Seating
Nyama Mama, Capital Center, interior sitting
Nyama Mama, Capital Center, interior seating

We’ve already established that the meals are fantastic and the seating is on point; however, when we visited, there were few people due to the fact that most people had travelled upcountry and holiday destinations hence leaving almost the whole place vacant when we visited. I’m not sure how long the wait times for food would be when there are people present, considering that we were told that our food would take about 20 minutes and ended up taking about 10 minutes. Which is a pretty good wait time if you asked me. If you visit during peak operating days and hours, I bet you would find the place packed and wait times are more likely to be higher.

When it comes to customer service, I couldn’t have any more praise for the staff at Nyama Mama. Right now, as I write this, I’m regretting not looking at our attendant’s name tag as he was very helpful. Very quick to bring to us the menus, monitoring whether we needed anything and always being prompt in response. My experience with restaurants is that you’ll almost always have to engage in extreme sports just to get the attention of the attendants. On this front, I give them an A+!

Now onto the most critical bit, pricing. I must say, for most people, myself included, this will most likely be a once in a while experience owing to the pricing that they charge. Take a look at their menu here and decide whether you’ll be a regular or you’ll visit on Christmas day, as we Kenyans usually do. As high as their prices are, I would say that the food and experience are really worth it. The burger was too big to fit in my mouth but I worked around that to enjoy the goodness. The masala fries offered a relatively below-average quantity and were not as peppery as I expected, but they were awesome nonetheless.

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Overall, I would say that the experience you get when you visit Nyama Mama is worth the price and if you’re thinking about visiting, you definitely should!

Disclaimer: This is not a paid review, all the content contained in this post are purely subjective and your experience may differ from mine.

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