Nyota Ndogo explains why her mzungu hubby is unable to have kids

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Swahili singer Nyota Ndogo has revealed why it has not been possible for her to have children with her mzungu husband Henning Nielsen.

The two got married in 2016 and at some point, it was alleged that they were expecting a child together however that has not been the case up to date.

Nyota Ndogo took it to Instagram and shared a video of herself singing one of her songs about marriage and children. She also confirmed that Nielsen did not want to have any more children in their marriage.

According to the singer, the husband already has three children, grandchildren and two more kids from her previous marriage which he feels are more than enough.

At the same time,  the “watu na viatu” hitmaker urged fans to stop nagging about why they do not have a child yet.

“Mume wangu alikataa tuongeze mtoto. Alisema amekua mtu mzima na yupo na wajukuu na akiweka watoto wake watatu na wangu wawili tupo na watano so plzz acheni kuniambia mambo ya kuzaa ama nimzalie ama wengine kuniambia hooo hutaki kumzalia kwakua nimzee. She wrote

She continued and revealed that Nielsen had a vasectomy and therefore he will not be having any more children.

“At list jibu munalo. Naaa munajua kama wazungu hawataki kuzaa ufanya nini sio? Haya basi”

In March last year, Nyota had expressed her desire to have children and willingness to grow her family

In 2018, there were speculations that the couple had separated after people noticed that the music star had not posted photos of the husband for quite some time.

“Jana nimeulizwa kama nimeachana na mume wangu maana kitambo sijamposti. Wow hatujaachna,” Nyota said.

She also opened up that many people including her family members were anticipating seeing her marriage fall apart.

“Ni kama kuna watu wananihesabia siku za kuachana, anyway bado,” she said.

According to sources, her younger brother and music artist Juma Tutu has been a major critic of their relationship.

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