“Othuol Used To Drink A Lot,” Sandra Dacha Comes Out!

Auntie Boss actress Silprosa, recently revealed that the late colleague and close friend Othuol Othuol was indeed an alcoholic just like his fellow comedian Captain Otoyo claimed earlier. Sandra Dacha revealed this while appearing on NTV’s The Trend on Friday.

Othuol used to drink a lot. He had been diagnosed with liver cirrhosis four years ago, diagnosed with pulmonary Tuberculosis in February 2019, given medication but could not stick to the dose,” she disclosed.

She went to reveal that the comedian stopped taking his prescription and just a few months before his demise she claimed that he seemed to have given up on life and cared less about his life.

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“He stopped taking his medication after some time and a few months before he died, it seems he had given up and never cared about his life,” she added.

Sandra having been affected by his death advised fellow artists on the kind of lifestyles they choose requesting them to be responsible and avoid drinking. “Artists, let’s be responsible. Tuachane na pombe,” she said.

Notably, the comedian’s fundraising which was budgeted at Ksh 1 million, is still ongoing ahead of his scheduled burial in Alego, Siaya County. Sandra, being one of Othuol’s funeral organizing committee members, revealed that the amount raised will not only be used to foot funeral expenses but also be handed to his family as he had family that looked up to him.

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The actress said, “He had people that depended on him and they couldn’t leave them just like that.”

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