Panfried Potatoes and Bell Peppers Recipe

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• 5 large potato

• 1 medium sized red bell pepper

• 1 medium sized green bell pepper

• 1 medium sized yellow bell pepper

• 1tsp black pepper

• 1tsp garlic powder

• 1tbsp paprika

• 1tbsp parsley

• 1tsp tumeric

• 2tsp salt

• 2tbsp oil




• Peel,wash and chop the potatoes into smaller equal pieces

• Using a dry cloth or paper towel, pat dry the potatoes

• On a heated pan, (non-stick preferably), add 1tbsp of oil

• Add half of the potatoes and allow them to cook (shallow fry) on medium low heat

• Check with a fork to confirm they’re cooked and soft

• Chop all the bell peppers into small pieces

• Add half of the portion to the potatoes and half of the pieces

• Toss until everything is well combined

• Taste for salt

• Drain excess oil with a paper towel

• Repeat with the remaining potatoes

• Serve with guacamole and preferred drink


Happy Cooking!

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