Photos of your favourite Kenyan Celebrities Without Make-Up

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Millions of women use make-up to enhance their beauty from time to time.

It is rare to see Kenyan Female celebrities without a dolled up face and if it happens, they are either caught off-guard or willingly post themselves with a touch of filters to blur out imperfections.

In as much everyone is beautiful in their way, seeing some celebrities make-up free can be shocking, to say the least, because they come off as totally different.

This post will highlight your favourite Kenyan Celebrities without makeup.


Avril is a major game-changer in the Kenyan entertainment scene. The mother of one’s voice and singing is unmatched as evidenced in her club bangers released through the years.

Avril has had many men drooling for her given that she was blessed with great curves and an angelic face.

Check out her natural face and be the judge!


Azzaid Nasenya

Azziad Nasenya

Tiktok Queen Azziad Nasenya shot to fame when she showcased her impressive dance moves by doing the #Utawezana_Challenge.

The clip of the 20-year-old whining her waist and shaking her behind went viral and naturally, netizens were curious to dig through her old photos.

Ever since her big break, it’s difficult to see her rocking a bare face. Check her out;

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Betty Kyallo

Former News Anchor Betty Kyallo is never shy to flaunt her make-up free face to the public.

The mother of one who equally wears tonnes of beauty enhancers from time to time still looks good with her bare face.

Huddah Monroe

Petite socialite Aludah Njoroge aka Huddah is known for killer body and a great sense of style which mainly consists of designer pieces, bags and shoes.

How does Huddah look without make-up? See for yourself;

Janet Mbugua

Janet Mbugua Ndichu is a household name in the media industry as a former news anchor and a businesswoman.

Although she looks different without make-up, she is still a snack.

Vera Sidika

Curvaceous socialite Vera Sidika is one of the personalities with the biggest behinds in Kenya.

Thanks to her fame and popularity, it is extremely rare to spot Shikwekwe not wearing make-up and if she does, sunglasses and accessories are a must!

Femi One

Utawezana crooner Femi One rarely steps out with a bare face. Fortunately, she was once spotted with a make-up free face and netizens went haywire because she looks rather different before and after make-up enhancements.

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In a quick rejoinder, Femi one said she is proud of her natural face without make-up; “Lol so I’m being trolled coz of my before and after make up pics…society is F*** up I swear. Well there you go, no shame in who I am or how I look and you shouldn’t be. #embraceyou.” An unfazed Femi One responded to the haters.

How does Femi Look with a bare face? Take a look!

Nadia Mukami

At only 24, songstress Nadia Mukami is a celebrated Kenyan singer, vocalist and dancer. The sweet lady off late has been making big strides in the music industry and is known for singing various songs including Kesi, Barua ya Siri, Maombi, Radio Love, Tesa among others.

But behind the angelic voice and expensive human-hair wigs what does the star look like make-up free? Examine and Let us know!

Corazon Kwamboka

Newest mama in Town Corazon Kwamboka is known for her bubbly yet shy personality not forgetting the succulent derriere that she loves to show off! Surprisingly, it’s not difficult to see the mother of one rocking a bare face and doesn’t she look stunning?

One of the most notable features of her face is her luscious lips and wide-set eyes! Take a look.

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Kate Actress

Veteran actress Catherine Kamau has been in the industry for some time now. Once in a while, she is spotted bare face while chilling at home or shooting some of her scenes that demand a make-up free face.

Compare and contrast and take note of how Kate looks without the beauty enhancers layered on her face!

Tanasha Donna

Songstress Tanasha Donna could not miss on this list. She still looks gorgeous without her makeup on. Even without it, she can be easily recognized because according to her makeup looks, less is actually more!



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