“Plan your baby showers!” Urges Vera Sidika.

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Renowned socialite and soon mom-to-be Vera Sidika has expressed her strong dissent with arranged surprise baby showers terming them as old-fashioned. Taking to her Instagram page, Vera who is expecting her first child with Coastal-based artist  Brown Mauzo, claimed that being the perfectionist that she is, she is attracted to details which makes it difficult to be impressed by surprise events such as baby showers. Nonetheless, she mentioned she would be grateful to the organizers for the thoughtfulness, only.

Vera Sidika says she’s enjoying her first pregnancy. PHOTO| Courtesy

“Everyone; Baby shower should be a surprise.
Me; I hate surprises. I love perfection and must plan every single detail, including the spoons used. I didn’t know I would feel walking to my surprise party and everything just not as what I would like it to be. Woi. I would be happy for the thoughtfulness. But weeh. I’m just very detailed and such a perfectionist. It’s a Libra thing, I think,”
she wrote in part.

Vera Sidika and husband Brown Mauzo. PHOTO| Courtesy

Additionally, she continued to explain why she considers surprise baby showers as old school, writing,

This whole thing of Baby shower is supposed to be a surprise is pretty much old school. My thoughts. Life has changed. People plan their own Baby showers and make them stand out. And have everything they wanted at their party.”

Vera Sidika at her gender-reveal party. PHOTO; Courtesy

Furthermore, Vera called out moms-to-be claiming that they act surprised at such events when the truth is they have been anticipating the gesture at some point in their pregnancy journey. She continued to urge women to organize their own baby showers if they are able to as it is their occasion.

Tell me you are fake without telling me you are fake. Coz why would I walk in and act surprised knowing so well I knew my friends would surprise me with a party… If you can afford to plan a baby shower, do it, it’s your day. Don’t just sit waiting for your friends to do it for you,” Vera added.

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