“Please leave us alone!” Miss Morgan begs Kenyans as another Tahidi High actor falls into depression.

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In recent weeks, the plight of several household names especially former Tahidi High actors has been highlighted with the majority of them coming out to share their battle with alcoholism and depression which allegedly came about soon after their exit from the popular show.

Miss Morgan

Actress Angel Waruinge popularly known as Miss Morgan from the TV show has come out to address the rise of addiction cases among her former colleagues. According to the actress who also recently admitted her battle with depression and alcoholism, most of these actors at the time had all the money and time to spend on their lifestyle, and the majority of them spend their earnings on alcohol. Miss Morgan, however, went on to call out journalists who are targeting Tahidi High actors noting that there are other individuals who are going through the same situation only that they have not come out to address them.

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Miss Morgan with a former colleague on Tahidi High

I don’t know why they are targeting Tahidi High and please they should leave us alone. In the beginning, Tahidi High was for the longest time the top show around 2005, 2006. Alcohol came in as a form of enjoyment. You are young, you are famous, and you have no money not to forget getting attention from everywhere including high-end people. The reason why people are getting away now is because there are so many other things to watch. During our time it was just KTN, Citizen, Nation, nothing else,” Miss Morgan told Massawe Japani in a recent interview.

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Benard Mwangi alias Mr. Mweposi

Her statement comes in the wake of former Tahidi High actor Mr. Mweposi who recently opened up on his battle with alcoholism and depression asking for financial help from well-wishers to survive the harsh economy just months after Kenyans fundraised for Omosh.

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