Premium Tears! Sailors Gang Forced To Start Afresh After Fallout With Mwalimu Racheal!

Gengetone artists, Sailors gang are believed to have fallen out with their manager, Mwalimu Racheal. This is following reports by Nairobi Gossip Club that the group has been forced to release their new jam Kulewa Kuchuchuma in a new youtube account after the fallout with Mwalimu Racheal demanding up to 1.5m Kshs to give them login details of their former account which had over 126k subscribers.

According to the screenshot shared by the page, Masilver who is a member of the group claimed that the group and Mwalimu Racheal were not on good terms and she refused with their social media accounts login details which have forced the popular group to start afresh.

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“Hae we not in good terms with Mwalimu Racheal she refused with our logins for youtube, Instagram, Twitter, & Facebook… So we decided to restart afresh,” he responded to an inquiry on losing their previous channel.

He went on to establish the reason for the alleged fallout. “ They aren’t good with… She wants 1.5M for her to give us our logins imgyn and it’s our work… It’s Masilver are chatting with btw,” he added.

Kenyans have hilariously reacted to this news focusing their attention on the group member’s grammar. Among the reactions is Krg the Don whom in recent past has had a beef going on with the group. He called out the group for being ‘dumb’ as they do not know how to start a youtube channel with his comment. “Watu wa Dondori hata they didn’t know how to open a youtube channel,” he commented.

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Other reactions include

@yycomedian I don’t know what happened between them but things like channels wachia tu vijana… tenda wema nenda zako.

@minney_mouse63 msijifanye ati hamjaona hiyo English ya masilver who was his English teacher.

@dimanmkareclassic Watatoa wapi na wanaishi 1 bedroom wote.

@_.nyawir.a_ It’s the grammar for me. I’m sorry.

@kashkamau it ended in tiyas.

@emoji.chain_ Watajua ni kurithi. thou sijui nasema nini from grace now to grass. Walipe managing team kwani wanadhani yee anachoma mahindi.


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