Raila commends Mejja’s creativity after listening to hit song “Tabia Za Wakenya”

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Raila commends Mejja’s creativity after listening to hit song “Tabia Za Wakenya” [Photo; Google]
Veteran Genge musician Mejja Okwonkwo recently received praise from former Prime Minister Raila Odinga who hailed him for his lyric prowess and creativity.

Through his Twitter page, the opposition leader wowed many, by showing that he is a lover of local music to a point of pushing it to the next level on Twitter.

According to Baba, Mejja’s popular hit Tabia za Wakenya which he recently jammed hit home and touched him so much. The  Presidential aspirant went on to add that Mejja’s song carries some truth in it.

The BBI leader also picked up a line from the song saying it’s true how Kenyans would be fast in showing up for  parties other than in important meetings.

“Mejja’s Tabia za Wakenya hit was playing somewhere this morning and it got me thinking it is true!: Masaa na mkenya lazima atachelewa lakini sherehe?!…..Our Musicians are really creative. Wonderful week ahead fellow countrymen!” Raila wrote.


Sadly on  Mejja’s end, things haven’t been promising as his song “Tabia Za Wakenya” got pulled down from YouTube over copyright infringement claims.

The song was removed from the video-sharing platform after another Kenyan artist claimed that the singer stole parts of his music.

Mejja while addressing the allegations said;

“I am dealing with a lot of hate. I will never give in. But I am done being the humble guy, God is with me. You can slow me down, but I am not giving in. God above everything,” he stated


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